Sony HDR CX330 Review

Sony HDR CX330 Review & Buying Guide

Sony is always producing new lines of prosumer and consumer cameras and digital camcorders that aim to meet each of their customer?s preferences. Even with the added capabilities of DSLR cameras to take videos, mainly people are still purchasing digital camcorders mainly because of the ease of using a real camcorder. Though file and social media sharing has been an edge of smartphones and tablets over these purpose-specific gadgets, the company has found ways of closing the gap with its new line of camcorders and the Sony HDR-CX330 is the most affordable in this line.

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Physical Design

The digital camcorder weighs a total of 8.6 oz. with its battery connected. The product dimensions is 2.6? width, 2.3? height 5.1? depth. Recording video is made comfortable with its compact form factor with its added hand strap to secure it to the user?s hand. Incorporated in the hand strap is a USB cable which can be used for transferring files to a computer. The record button can be found on the back just like any standard camcorder and the snapshot button can be access on the top with the multi-purpose lever which is used for various purposes like zooming in and out of a scene.

It has a small 2.7 inch screen to preview the scene being captured. Though it is not a touchscreen like ones often found in digital camcorders of today, it has a clear photo LCD display for added reliability for outdoor use.

Video Specifications

It has a 1/5.8-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor meant to enhance shots taken on low light situations. The BIONZ X Image processor augments the quality and speed plus it also helps improve the life of the battery. Its lens has a focal length of 26.8mm-804mm and has a 30x optical zoom and can extend up to 60x digital Clear Image zoom which maintains the precision of the shot. The Sony HDR-CX330 is well suited for wide-angle shooting because if its focal length assuring wider coverage of panorama and group shots.

Still Image Capture

It can capture still photos at 9.2 megapixels in either 16:9 or 4:4 aspect ratio. It also has 7 picture effects to customize and enhance images though it doesn?t include a built in flash.

Special Features

This camera can record high-quality AVCHD footage for budding film makers and in regular MP4 video format for wide compatibility and sharing of files. Face Detection can detect eight faces in a shot and focuses properly to optimize the overall scene. It can differentiate children and adult faces to adjust the exposure and white balance for better optimization.


The clarity of the audio is taken care of the noise reduction and voice enhancement. Clear voice works with its Face Detection feature when it detects a human face and adjusts the audio capture to accurately capture the human voice.


Wireless LAN connection is becoming a standard addition to camcorder features nowadays and essential also for easy transfer of video and images. The Sony HDR-CX330 can transfer directly to a laptop or desktop computer connected to its network. With an internet connection enabled along with the router would allow sharing of the content online. Its built-in Wi-Fi connection is seamlessly integrated with the PlayMemories Mobile application of Sony for Android and iOS. This application will let users remotely control the camcorder using their smartphone or Tablet. For best results, integrate the camcorder with a recent Sony Xperia mobile phone or any handheld that has NFC since it easily pairs with its built-in NFC.


The HDR-CX330 has all the best connectivity necessary for easy sharing of files to a computer and to online sites. Though the 2.7 inch leave a lot to be desired, the NFC and its ability to integrate with other handheld devices through the PlayMemories Mobile app can compensate for this inadequacy. Overall the product is worth the investment to spark anybody?s creativity as well as capture precious family events and activities.

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