Sony CCD-TRV98 Hi8 Review

Sony CCD-TRV98 Hi8 Review

As Sony’s top-of-the-line analog Hi8 camcorder from 2001, the Sony CCD-TRV98 Camcorder is basic enough for new enthusiasts but comes with appealing bells and whistles that can satisfy the intermediate level users. Being one of the forerunners in video capturing, it features the best video quality outside of digital. The controls are easy to reach and it balances easily with one hand to record while on the go since the Record button is perfectly placed on the right side of the camcorders back. Zooming is very smooth with is variable-zoom slider found on top of the camera close to the Record button which can be easily reached with either hand. It has a built-in light at the front which can be turned on via the button near the tape transport control.

Many of the functions of the camcorder can be activated via it?s on-screen menu. The focus wheel which controls the camera?s functions is at the lower-left side of the back portion of the camcorder.

If you?re looking for a sturdy beginners camcorder or planning to capture retro-looking footages from the late 90?s, then this is the camera for you.

Optical Zoom: ?You can zoom up to 20x.

Color: This item comes in Black/Silver color combination

Resolution: The camcorders resolution is 0.3 MP

Exposure: The minimum Illumination is 0.4 lux which makes it great for low light captures

Microphone: The built in microphone is an electret condenser which captures monaural audio

Media Format: The media storage is either Hi-8 or Video8 tapes

Weight: The weight of the item is 2 pounds

Shipping Weight: The item ships at a weight of 2.9 pounds all its accessories and packaging.

Accessories:? Accessories included with the camcorder is its battery, original Sony AC adaptor/charger, shoulder strap, cushioned carry-all bag, and 3 unused Hi8 tapes.


It doesn?t have manual white balance

It doesn?t have a microphone jack

User may need additional peripherals to transfer the video to their computer since it only comes with a composite video/audio output

Sony CCD-TRV98 Camcorder Price

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What customers have to say about the Sony CCD-TRV98 Camcorder

On average the rating for the product is incredibly high. It is a very well rated product across online reviews from users.

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