Samsung F90bn Review

The Samsung F90BN is a user-friendly High Definition camcorder that belongs to the most affordable list of video cameras on the market today. It has plenty of automatic features that will make it easy for you to capture moments easily as they happen. This product review will help you get to know more about this amazing camcorder created by one of today?s tech giants.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use: The F90BN allows you to start recording as soon as you have pulled it out from the box. It does not require any assembly, so you can shoot right away.
  • Photo-Video Capture: This unit lets you take photos and videos, making it a pretty handy gadget.
  • High Definition: The F90BN produces high definition video of 1280×720. The quality remains impressive, even after editing, compressing, and converting for YouTube.
  • HDMI Output: Nearly every Television now has an HDMI input. This makes having an HDMI output on a camcorder a necessity, so you can just plug and play your videos using your TV.
  • MP4 File: The MP4 is a video file usually used by most mobile phones. It allows for easy editing without losing much quality.
  • 52X Optical Zoom: This feature remains superior to digital zoom as the latter distorts the image. One advantage of having an optical zoom is that it only uses glass and lens to zoom.
  • Image Stabilizer: Since the Samsung F90BN is lightweight, it is necessary to keep it as stable as possible so you can shoot with great quality. Its image stabilizer feature will automatically hold your shots still without any hassle.
  • SD, SDXC, and SDHC Memory Card Compatible.
  • Records While Charging: This camcorder lets you record, even on dead battery, as long as it is plugged in. Such feature can be pretty handy on a busy day. Note that it also uses USB charging, so you can charge it anywhere.
  • Built-in Speakers and Stereo Microphones: These features allow you to playback your videos and record impressive sounds with its stereo mic.

With such great features to offer, its price tag makes it a worthy investment. This Samsung video recorder is comparable to the likes of Canon VIXIA HF R700 and the Sony HDRCX405.


Bottom Line

This product review will give you an idea on what the Samsung F90BN has to offer. It generally received positive reviews from Amazon users, making this a worthy investment. Its overall quality will allow you to upload High Definition videos and images online without any hassle. It also matches the features of the higher models with similar specs. Overall, the Samsung F90BN is worth considering.

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