Panasonic HC-V770 Review

Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder Review

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jhhhnn Video cameras used to be the province of the rich but today there are many affordable options for regular people to enjoy. Panasonic is currently one of the most popular brands producing affordable camcorders. The HC-V770 is the perfect Panasonic camera for the novice who wants to be able to film high quality videos without making a massive investment.

Film Quality

The HC-V770 HD Camcorder produces film of excellent quality for a camera of its size and price range. It's certainly not a professional level camera but it does shoot in full HD, excellent for both family videos and amateur Youtube experiments.

One thing customers truly loved about this camera was its ability to film high quality video at night. Many affordable camcorders sacrifice the ability to shoot at night in order to keep the price low, but this camcorder doesn't sacrifice any quality. You might notice that the camera has trouble making instant adjustments as you move from a bright object (like a lit up baseball diamond) to a dark area, but this is an issue common to all camcorders within this price range.


You can do an impressive 20x zoom with this camcorder without sacrificing any of the image quality. This makes it excellent for filming concerts and similar events.

Intelligent Settings

This camera is particularly great for novices because it features "Intelligent Auto", an excellent automatic setting that controls exposure as well as a number of other features. Most camcorders do have auto settings but few are as dynamic as the HC-V770's Intelligent Auto. If you don't have time to really learn the manual settings on the camcorder before you start filming this camera is an excellent choice.

If you're going to be filming brightly lit night time events you'll also love the "High Dynamic Range Mode", which is also great for filming somebody who's standing with their back to their sun or in any other instance where the background is significantly brighter than the foreground. This sacrifices some image quality but makes the transition from bright to dark much smoother.

Sound Quality

This camcorder isn't the absolute best but the built in mic has some pretty impressive reach, picking up small background sounds and blending them perfectly with conversations and music in the area. A dedicated mic is always better but few camcorders in the same price range as the Panasonic HC-V770 have such high sound quality. You will love hearing your audio play back to you on your TV.

Extra Features

The HC-V770 HD Camcorder has a few extra features you're sure to love, starting with the ability to charge by USB. It also features a special video light you can use to improve the quality of pictures taken at night.

Novice filmmakers will also love the photography function. While many affordable camcorders force you to stop in the middle of filming or don't take high quality stills, this camera takes excellent stills at any point of filming.


While this camcorder is far above most other camcorders in the same price range the HC-V770 still comes with its own drawbacks. The biggest one is the actual software on the camera. The navigation menu is slow and clumsy and several settings are limited depending on whether you're using auto or manual. The touch screen itself isn't particularly responsive either.


The Panasonic HC-V770 HD Camcorder isn't the cheapest camcorder out there but it features excellent hardware for the price and is one of the best camcorders a regular person can fit into their budget. It's also a great camera for novices to learn with thanks to the Intelligent Auto mode and High Dynamic Range mode. You would be hard pressed to find another camcorder of this caliber available for less.

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