Panasonic HC-V10 Review

Panasonic HC-V10 Digital Video Camera Review

For long range shots for pictures or videos, the recommended device is Panasonic HC-VC10, a popular model loved by majority of those who want to stick on their budget.The Panasonic HC-V10?s appeal lies in its astounding ease of usage. This high definition camera can record and shoot 1280 x 720p videos at 25 fps using not a hefty sum of amount on its price tag. It has good features that any standard vloggers would love to have on their video recording units.

  • Selling below $500, this video camera uses MPEG-4/H.264 format and supports 15mbps recordings. You have the option to drop the normal resolution to a lower 840 x 480, 640 x 480, or utilize iFrames at around 960 x 540 if you want to edit movies fast using a PC.
  • The HC-V10 has a 1.5-mp 1/5.8? CMOS image sensor and the proprietary Intelligent Auto mode to match portraits, scenery, or sunset to shooting environments. This uses stabilization, intelligent scene selector, contrast, and face detection technologies which can optimize exposure.
  • This video camera utilizes a 63x optical lens alongside a 7x enhanced optical zoom to magnify footage with a sensor without compromising image resolution. It also features a digital zoom capable of 3500x magnification.
  • The camera lens uses the exclusive Power Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S.) for a shake-free footage.The HC-V10 is not capable of relay recording so it directly records everything and store into its SDHX memory card slot.
  • While it is fitted with a 2.7? LCD screen, it does not come with an electronic or optical viewfinder. Its design is boxy but lightweight at 0.47 lbs and roughly measures like other Panasonic camcorder series units.

The camera battles in comparison with other models as it needs adequate capacity to produce quality resolution during low light circumstances. Without the right lighting, owning the V10 could be pointless. A low-priced model such as this may not provide you with sharper video. So, instead of longing for a longer zoom lens that might have a possible problem with resolution, you may opt for the V100, Panasonic?s bet for 1920 x 1080 recording. It has a lower zoom lens but only works at around 32x magnification which is topped by the HC-VC10.

  • Ability to snap photos while video recording is going on
  • 2-channel stereo microphone
  • HDMI port for camera connection
  • Long-range zoom
  • Power OIS
  • High Image Quality

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