Olympus VG-160 Review

Olympus VG-160 Review

You cannot find a good performing camera below $100. Really?

While this is what is inside the minds of people who are not good at looking for features needed to get perfect shots, there are actually some cameras that can offer value for your money. Not all features are outstanding at times but with this amount what more can you ask?

There are under $100 cameras that can provide you with desirable features and this you have to know by means of asking from store representatives, friends, or neighbors. Researching online is another way to get to know camera characteristics. And with specific features you?d like to have and a flexible budget, things may turn out differently.

A camera like Olympus VG-160 can probably offer you something good or better than the rest on its category. Let?s take a tour.

Olympus VG-160 Review

This camera offers you with good value most especially to beginners who are not ready to partake with a good amount of money. It can work perfectly even in low light but you have to use a flash in order to get additional illumination and better results. Although it has some downsides, those issues cannot downgrade its entire capability in ease of usage. Aside from beginners, it is also an ideal camera for young children.


  • 14 megapixels resolution
  • 5X (26-130mm) optical lens
  • Large 3? screen with 230,000-pixel capacity
  • 4288 x 3216 maximum image size
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Size: 3.8? x 2.2? x 0.8?
  • Weight: 4.4 oz. standalone
  • CCD 1/2.3? image sensor
  • HD 720p movie mode


Starting up this camera takes only a few seconds. It has a shortcut on-screen menu that makes convenient when selecting commands, shooting options, and functions.


Some users had some issues with image quality most especially with chromatic aberration and soft focus. It is equipped with a small 5x magnification zoom lens which cannot be used when shooting movies. There are limited movie controls and the option for using full HD is not at hand. Others also complained about delays in between shots. The small buttons are not comfortable enough for them.

Image Quality

With its 14MP resolution, the VG-160 can generate nice-sized prints but using a small image sensor, image quality is limited at times. However, that quality is better compared with other low-priced digital cameras. You don?t have to compare it with high-end devices so you?ll not end up with frustration and regret.

What it?s good at is shooting flash photos, an uncommon feature of ultra-thin units. If you are looking to have a camera that has outstanding video recording capability, skip this one. As a plus factor, its small lens can go from a wide angle to a full telephoto in a split second.

The good thing is that you can shoot some videos and can produce quality pictures, two of the factors that push you to purchase a camera. With a little amount to shell, you and your family can get your memories stored forever.

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