Best Video Camera Under $1000

This is a special article. If you?re into making films, and we?re talking about movies with plot, a storyboard, cinematography, you are definitely looking at the right article. Not only are these cameras in HD, they have their place in digital filmmaking as well. If your purpose is to create a short film, or a music video, you will need a very dependable video camera.

The main thing to shop for when looking for any video camera is definitely picture quality. Also look for a camera that can let you freely compose your video the way that you want. An artist?s power is the power to control over his facilities in order to sculpt his masterpiece, after all. Apart from the fact that this is will be your artistic tool, look for features and specifications that will allow you to accomplish this.

Make sure you have battery life that will let you finish filming without cutting out on you. Or a memory storage enough to store footages after footages of shots you will create. Some cameras of this price range will make sure that your shots are not shaky, or that the camera adjust to the lighting available around it.

Best Video Camera Under $1000 Comparisons



Special Feature


Our Ratings

Blackmagic Pocket Cam

0.78 lbs

Micro Four Thirds Lens


Canon T5i

3.84 lbs

 Built in WIFI


Canon 70D

1.66 lbs

Built - in flash


Nikon D7100

1.69 lbs

Wireless sharing


Nikon D5300

1.06 lbs

Built in WIFI and GPS


Panasonic GH3

1.21 lbs

16 MP Micro Four Thirds Format


Sony a77 II

1.43 lbs

WIFI/NFC Connectivity


GoPro Hero 4 Black

0.33 lbs

Built in WIFI and Bluetooth


Panasonic G7

0.9 lbs

WIFI Sharing


Samsung NX500

0.63 lbs

Incorporated with the newest WIFI Standard


We have compiled video cameras that cost not more than $1000. While cameras of this range will definitely be top of the line, carefully go through each of the features in order to get the best tool you need.

Top Video Camera Under $1000 Reviews

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

This camera has made movies. Despite it?s small frame, it can deliver quality enough to make any filmmaker proud. This camera lets you record in RAW, and has 13 stops of dynamic range. The only downside of this camera is shooting wide angle shots. Having only a crop factor of 2.88. Its 24mm lens will actually feel like you shot them on 69mm lens on a full camera. Outputs include an HDMI port which allows you to connect this to any computer and edit on the spot. SD cards will let you expand its memory in order to accommodate all the needed footages you will need to complete your projects.

Canon T5i

The T5i comes from a line of T model cameras from Canon. You can mount a rig to this unit, and get professional cinematic results. The LCD screen flips out for you to catch a better angle while making that shot. There are also a huge selection of lens you can upgrade to.

Canon 70D

If you want to bring the T5i to the next level, we suggest the 70D, also from Canon. Record in MOV or H.264. This means you can use your footages for other video formats depending on what you need them for, whether you want to film a short movie or podcasting. Enjoy WiFi connectivity that lets you connect your videos online whenever necessary.

Nikon D7100

This camera is one for the pros and hardcore photographers and filmmakers. Record video or 24MP still photos with this camera. the bad news is that this camera does not record in RAW or ProRes, which means less control over colors when composing your view. The resolution is still great though, with 1080p at 60fps. Another downside, if you call it one, is that the lenses that fit could only be Nikon lenses. So if you are one to enjoy a wide variety of lenses from other manufactures, that would not be possible for this camera.

Nikon D5300

This camera does not have a low-pass filter. That means when you shoot patterns, you may not get more that what you need. The camera connects to wifi and GPS. Being a Nikon camera, only Nikon lenses are compatible. Another bad news is that Recording length each time is only 20 minutes. That does not mean that that is all the video you can shoot. It only means that each time you press the record button, you have 20 minutes maximum for each shot.

Panasonic GH3

When the GH3 first made its appearance, it created quite a stir in filmmaking, becoming the choice of a lot of indie filmmakers. Recently however, the GH3 had been relaunched and the main change has been the price, as it is not greatly more affordable. It is compatible to most lenses that would allow you to accomplish certain shots, You also get a timecode that helps you a great deall with editing.

Sony a77 II

This is Sony?s answer to the immensely growing market for pro cameras for movies. If you are a beginner and don?t really understand the terminologies involved in filmmaking, this camera makes it easier for you to level up faster. The large swivel screen lets you view any desirable angle you may want to shoot while shooting it. The downside is that it only records in AVC or H.264. You can only mount Sony lenses to it, limiting the range of choices you may have in accessories. You also have a recording limit of 29 minis each time you press the record button.

GoPro Hero 4 Black

Record high action shots with the GoPro Hero 4, however the effect may be limiting. What?s not limiting however is the possibilities of how to create your shots. You can mount the camera on your helmet, or to a drone. Enjoy 4K recording at a very compact size. However you cannot change lenses, and you can?t view much on the camera itself, so you have to connect this device wirelessly or through a cable to a different device in order to review your shots. Also, it only records in H.264.

Panasonic G7

Amazing resolution is what the G7 promises as it is capable of 4K. The sensitivity on the camera allows it to adjust to your environment, thus making low light shots still come out perfect. It only lets you record up to 29 minutes each time, however. Not only that, when you review the video, you will see 4 files instead of one. Not very convenient if you?re to edit.

Samsung NX500

Samsung can make Panasonic have a run for their money. They will compete in a lot of different areas, and that means a lot of their functionalities are at par with each other. It will record up to 29 minutes in HD and 15 minutes in 4K.

So there you have it, some of the most competitive cameras in the market. Whether you are filming a movie or a music video, or simply just want the best quality videos because you can, we hope that you enjoy making that project. Until then, enjoy.

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Video Camera Buying Guide

?If you're looking to vlog full time, then this guide for cameras under the $1000 range are perfect for the full time vlogging junkie. With the rise of youtube vloggers, it's become a very viable way to make a living. Just take a look at Sam Rader who recently quit his job to vlog full time. Just make sure you have a clean past before you get too famous. I wonder if his wife Nia saw the signs.

If you really enjoy recording videos and want to capture every detail, then you might want to consider using a camera video for your applications. With the advancement of technology nowadays, your smartphone may be the next best thing to use for recording videos. However, smartphones have limited capabilities like limited zoom focusing or storage capacity. With a video camera, you get more extra features and many accessory options to choose from. To help you better decide which video camera to buy, here are some features that you need to look for.

First up is the eyepiece viewfinder. A good quality video camera must have this option. You might be wondering you need to use the eyepiece viewfinder when there is a LCD display? Well, this only pertains to the users? preference on how they will be using it. But in reality, if you use this option instead of the LCD display, you can save a lot on your battery and thus, more recording time with less hassle on charging or having to swap out the battery. An LCD display will come in handy to review your videos or if you?re not used to with the eyepiece viewfinder.

Another feature you want to consider is the remote control function. Some video cameras have their own remote while others can be controlled remotely through your smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. A remote control gives you the convenience of operating your video camera wirelessly and can save you a lot of media storage and editing later on.

An external battery charger is also another thing to consider, that is if you are recording lots of videos and don?t want to miss anything. An extra battery pack is a good option, but with an external charger, you can charge one battery while you are still using the other. This will come handy when it is time to swap the batteries and continue with your recording.

Accessories like a video lamp or an external microphone may not be that significant for you recording needs, but it is always better if you have this option since you can?t predict what the environment will be until you start. For instance, a video lamp is a great help in low-light areas since the built-in lamp in a video camera may not be sufficient. Also, the internal microphone may not capture the best audio quality unlike the high-end external microphone.

With these features in mind, you can now choose the video camera you need. It is always better to try it out first before buying. Video cameras can be expensive when they have many features, but you might want to ask some people who have experience with a particular model or brand so won?t have to spend excessively.


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