Best Professional Video Camera For 2016 ? Top 10 Picks

best professional video camera reviews

The best professional cameras would provide you high quality videos that is good enough for production, with bigger and better imagers, larger brighter lenses, and you immediately know by the image quality if a video had been shot by a professional camera or a regular camcorder, or even a smartphone. If you are planning on making quality films, such as documentaries, a short movie, these are the cameras to consider.

A lot of these cameras would film in 4K Ultra HD. It is true, if you are only after the quality of these cameras but don?t really plan to venture into film making, then possibly the price range may not be reasonable. Although there is perfectly nothing wrong with just being after top quality, you know your camera can do a lot more.

Best Professional Video Camera Comparisons


Optical Zoom



Our Ratings

Sony PMW-300


8.6 lbs


Panasonic AG-HPX250


14.25 lbs


Canon XF200/205


8.75 lbs


Sony HXR NX5U NXcam


9 lbs


Canon XF300/305


5.9 lbs


Sony PMW100


3.31 lbs


Canon XA20/25


5.65 lbs




8.8 lbs


If you are into filmmaking and documentaries, try to shop for the most you can get out of these camcorders and get your money?s worth. We have compiled the best professional?? cameras that are currently available in the market today. You should take a look at their specifications to see if any of these products can help you with what you are looking for in a professional camera.

Top Professional Video Camera Reviews

Sony PMW-300 One XDCam

One of the best professional cameras there is, the Sony One XDcam has CMOS sensors that deliver the best quality even under low light. Eliminate those image noises when delivering an image in low light. Change lens to get more in your shots. You?re also able to switch between manual and automatic focusing. The camera is high on the list of professional camcorders in terms of quality and features.


JVC has been a trusted brand in Video recording and playback. This camera is best designed for broadcasting in HDTV format, and internet streams as well. Get connected via wifi, and share image quality that?s top notch. The camera films in low light, and in HD resolution. Low noise also provides you clear images that won?t strain your eyes. If you?re one who?s on the go, in the news industry or just vlogs with the capability of live streaming, this is the camera for you.

Panasonic AG-HPX250

This is one of the best camcorders offered by Panasonic and is considered its flagship. Performs extremely good in low light conditions and produces the best, crispest images, it has been really high on sales the past year. If you?re looking for something that captures the best footages without any compromise, this is the camera you?re looking for.

Canon XF200/205

The latest addition to the Canon family is capable of recording in MXF format. MXF format is the format used for professional broadcasting. The footage you get from this camera is good enough for TV. Connect your camera to the internet via wifi or ethernet to transfer files easily.

Sony HXR NX5U NXcam

Like the best of them, this camera promises to shoot clear images in low light, even in high definition. Equipped with Zeiss lens, enjoy amazing scenery captured by this amazing camera. You have preset buttons that will allow you to get the desired effects. You can also use the touch panel on the LCD screen. Other features include GPS, and relay recording using 2 Memory slots, or use the 128GB flash memory option.

Canon XF300/305

Lightweight but sturdy, this camera gives you all the functions and features of a professional camera without all the bulk of a regular camera. Easily cover the news especially in tight circumstances and get the edge of being there in half the time as everybody else. Dual XLR inputs and CF card slots give you added edge over anyone else. This camera boasts of BBC?s approval in broadcast quality. You can?t go wrong with this model.

Recommended Model

  • Exceptional user reviews
  • Rated incredibly highly compared to other models
  • Features that justify the price
  • Not too expensive, not too cheap. Great mid-range value option

Sony PMW100 One XDCAM

Small but terrible. This unit may look like the dwarf in the company of other cameras, yet still equipped with the same features and capabilities as any regular cameras. Its size only provides it edge over other bulky and heavy cameras. Connect via XLR, SDI and HDMI.

Canon XA20/25 Professional Camera

Shoot bigger scenes with 20x zoom and wide angle HD lens. This camera is the best priced model that competes with cameras of a higher price range. The camera is very good in low light quality and its internet connectivity allows you its GPS function and Wifi capability to easily share files.

Sony HVR-Z7U

Another baby in the lightweight division, giving you edge in handling tight situations and yet, still compete with the features and functions of a professional camera. Equipped with dual XLR audio and an ? inch Exmore sensor, enjoy crisp images even in low light.

Canon XH-A1S 3CCD HDV High Definition Camcorder

The best thing about this camera is the fact that it is completely customizable. Although there are presets, the camera still lets you choose the adjustments you want for further convenience on how you use it. In addition to these features, the 20x zoom from Canon HD lens. Be at the forefront with this HD professional camera.


These options should give you ideas on what to buy when choosing between the best professional video cameras. Feel free to read more about these or other cameras for more options.

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