What is the Best Camera for Vlogging & Youtube?

Updated: December 19 2016

The term vlogging is derived from combining the terms blogging and video. Whereas websites and blogs have traditionally been text-heavy, vlogging is the act of recording your information and thoughts on video as opposed to written format!

There is a broad range of good quality vlogging cameras on the market, but the best vlogging camera range is found in those manufactured by Canon. We have covered a number of other models below, but do feel that Canon offers the best range and value overall. Here are the top picks:

Best Camera For Youtube

Brand/ModelVideo QualityLCD ScreenExternal MicPrice GuideAve Rating /5More Information
Canon PowerShot S1101080p Full HDYesNo$$4.3Find Out More
Canon VIXIA HF R5001080p Full HDYesYes$$$4.4Find Out More
Canon EOS Rebel T5i1080p Full HDYesYes$$$$4.8Find Out More
Olympus VG-1601080p Full HDYesNo$4.2Find Out More
GoPro HERO41080p Full HDYesNo$$4.5Find Out More

Vlogging Camera Buying Guide

There are a few important consideration when searching for the best vlogging camera for your needs. Here is a list!

  • A tripod is an added extra that certainly helps with the overall quality of video production. These obviously prevent unnecessary movement whilst filming.
  • Consider weight. Usually, lighter is better as it enables you to hold the device for extended periods of time when you're doing selfies!
  • If your model does not come with a screen that can be rotated to be viewed whilst filming, consider getting a mirror to place behind the camera! This handy trick helps you to see how you're appearing on film!
  • Lens wide angle is a help. Look for 24mm as this usually enables you to capture the entirety of yourself, even from close range.
  • Another consideration is Optical Image Stabilization. This feature smooths out the recording and minimizes movement and shaking.
  • Audio: Obviously when vlogging, you are recording and talking at the same time so you want to ensure that your camera has suitable audio functionality, including a forward facing microphone if possible, as this enables you to talk directly at the mic whilst filming yourself. A microphone jack is also a handy feature.
  • Video quality: given that it has more pixels, a 1080 is better quality and considered Full HD. 1080 will give a sharper video, but 720p is not a terrible choice and you can certainly produce videos in sufficient quality with a 720p model.

Canon Vlogging Cameras

Canon are considered one of the top manufacturers when it comes to finding the best cameras for Youtube and vlogging in general. We recommend the three hot-selling models from the Canon range below:

1. Best Canon Vlogging Camera for Beginners: Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Camera

At first glance, it may look like another point-and-shoot camera. But the Canon PowerShot is in fact one of the most excellent camera model for most neophytes. Most especially for companies and firms going for smaller investments. The camera would record beautiful videos at 24 fps, then you could easily hold it in your hand for longer period of time, thanks to its very handy and lightweight design. If you are only starting out, the Canon PowerShot S110 Digital Camera is your best bet and they are priced affordably. Best value for your money without compromising on quality.

2. Best Intermediate Option: Canon VIXIA HF R500 Digital Camcorder

Canon make and design their cameras with customer?s needs in mind. This year the company offer this super functional Canon VIXIA R500 Digital Camcorder to capture memories and keep them clear and vivid. Equipped with 57x Advanced zoom, Canon VIXIA R500 brings you to a whole new shooting world. It is complete with Super Range Optical Image Stabilizer that keeps the video steady and sharp even though you are walking as you shoot. You can capture high quality and outstanding images and videos with 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor in 1920 x 1080 resolution. Expect rich and polished photos in every take.

3. Best Advanced Option (Good Camera for YouTube): Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Best for the advanced vloggers, the Canon EOS Rebel T5i will make a fantastic choice particularly due to the fact that this specific dSLR camera is jampacked with great features. For one, this device provides a couple of distinct video recording alternatives based on the preferred frame rate. 1280 x 720 High Definition video recording at 60 fps and 1920 x 1080 Full High Definition video recording at 30 fps. Not to mention that there?s a built-in stereo in order to allow entrepreneurs to record their voice successfully too.

More Cameras for Vlogging

4. Olympus VG-160

This model possesses some of the most outstanding vlogging features in a camera one can ever wish for. Not just because of its functional and compact qualities, but its also loaded with various smart features in order for you to shoot those videos the way you as well as your fans online will adore. If you?re concerned about your videos? clarity, then this camera is perfect since Olympus has patented iAuto Shadow Adjustment technology. The Olympus VG-160 is very ideal for vlogging purposes because it is very capable in capturing high quality shots even in not so good lighting conditions.

5. Nikon D3300

Another awesome model for vlogging purposes is the Nikon D3300. Boasting of a megapixel sensor of 24.2 MP, this dSLR camera generates stunning videos which really illuminate through their image quality. Recording videos at 1080p is extremely possible at 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 frames per second, and you could select from a wide array of customizable camera settings, like the ISO 100-12800 (which can still be expanded till 25600) and its very useful 11-point Autofocus System. Even though bulkier and heavier than the Canon EOS Rebel T4i, this Nikon model would still go a very long way in shooting best quality videos each time.

6. Sony Cyber-Shot WX80

This is one of the best brand of digital cameras you will surely want to own. The 16 megapixel WX-80 epitomizes a good deal for your money especially for any vlogger who truly wants to take videos in High Definition quality in incredibly clear shots and then post them online without the hassle. With cost at the lower end of pricing, you?d be surprised at how affordable this brand of vlogging camera is considering that it?s from Sony.

7. Nikon Cool-Pix S9500

For the newbies when it comes to vlogging world, the Nikon Cool-Pix S9500 is highly recommended most especially with its brilliant megapixel sensor of 18MP. The camera could record full videos in High Definition at 1080p, offering superb low-light efficiency which is perfect for those times when the lighting conditions are not good enough. Even though the quality of the image may not have that striking sharpness and crispness of a dSLR camera, still the Coolpix S9500 of Nikon holds its own as one of the best options for the budding vloggers out there.

8. GoPro HERO4: Silver Edition

One of the best-selling camera brands around the world, GoPro makes action cameras that their consumers use to take action shots in almost any kind of outdoor conditions. If you are on the lookout for a superb camera which is ideal for Youtube uploads, could also be utilized for capturing picture-perfect sporty action as well as excellently document your adventures and travels here and there, then the GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition is for you. This model makes those time lapse shots just seem like a walk in the park and it can handle shooting in low light, plus, the mic could pick up even the most sensitive of sounds. You can find out more information about the Hero4 and all GoPro models at GoProBuyersGuide.com.

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